Monday, 6 May 2013

Arkanoid Controller

Arkanoid Controller

Haven't done wood work since I left school, and that was a hell of a while ago.. ;)
So being the bank-holiday I borrowed a drill to put up some garden fixtures & got a little side tracked *ahem* (the garden furniture never did get fixed).

I decided to convert a cigar box into an Arkanoid spinner controller! (hate cigars anyway)

Was lucky in finding a drill bit that fitted the diameter of a arcade button.. (It came with my son-in-law's car-camera kit!?! & he didn't need it.)

Meh - should have practiced, even after marking out the wood I managed to get one of the button holes 1mm too far to the left & managed to chip the veneer (though it will be covered by the plastic plate under the spinner).

Dismantled the spinner & bolted her in..

Gotta love heat-shrink cable wrap!

Used the cable from an ex-Dreamcast pad that I converted to Jamma previously.. 
For brevity I just soldered the control wires directly to the Arkanoid-to-Jamma adapter.
(I'll work out a plug arrangement perhaps.)

Coin-up is still done by the service button on my test loom.. still don't know why all my boards ignore the 'coin' wires & use 'service'?

Just need some proper player 1/2 buttons to finish it off.. but at least for now I can now play Arkanoid comfortably!! 

Thanks (again) to Ben76 (Over on J+) for the Arkanoid power plug & to Rob for the drill bit! :D

Long term I'd like to re-jig my BarTop into being able to have its monitor rotated & then I'll attempt to build a custom CP for this game (with a more authentic layout), but for now... It's all good!