Friday, 8 February 2013

Bomberman World - Repair Log

Bomberman World - Repair Log

Picked up a (rather cheap) iRem Bomberman World (Global Quest) arcade board from eBay today..

Looked visually to be in good condition, but the seller did say it had been stored for a while.

Plugged it into my BarTop and all seemed well.. coined it up & started a couple of games..

But, about 5 minutes things got a little odd.. :S

When ever the game made a loud-bang (such as when the bombs went off) the screen would go all frizzy & wobble out of sync.. & the VGA converter would then loose signal-lock for a few seconds. 

This carried on for a bit, then all of a sudden...

Made everyone jump a mile!! ... The main smoothing cap on the 12 volt line (to the Amp) went bye, bye in a most violent way! (..and the misses got rather pissed off too :/)

Bits of capacitor flew everywhere & hit me in the arm! :(

A nice quick fix though..

De-soldered & pulled the cap out, cleaned the board & dropped in a 40 volt replacement from the spares box (the original was rated 25v).

Will probably re-cap the whole power section at some point, the games a good 21 years old now (no surprise a cap has dried out after all this time).

Have turned the board upside down, in case it goes bang again ;) ..soak tested it & looking good so far. :D

Loved Bomberman on the Snes bitd & played a lot of the PCEngine version - well chuffed to finally own an original iRem version..!