Thursday, 4 July 2013

Double Dragon - Repair Log - Day 2

Double Dragon - Repair Log - Day 2

Okay.. I did something a little silly ..not in a baaaad way tho.

I've bought another broken Double Dragon board on fleaBay to assist in the repair.. (hope I wasn't bidding against Beaps!! :D) - cost £37 all-in - ruuning at a lose, but hey, at least I can keep the scraps.

It arrived last night & I immediately swapped the top board from the new one with Beaps rusted one (remember the resistor pack issue?):

As the one I received locks up on boot, I fitted Beaps brand-new processor & US Rom set:

And... drum-roll....

We have a good picture - all that remains now is the player 1&2 start buttons don't respond, booo.. :(

Bet £1900 some one had previously rear-ended the 12v line.. (reversed the Jamma connector)

There looks to be some previously attempted repairs around this region of the board, so I know where to look first..