Saturday, 10 November 2012

Major Title to R-Type 1 Conversion - Day 2.5

The conversion of Major Title to R-Type 1


Day 2.5: De-Solder & Replace the N0, N1, N2 & N3 Sprite Roms..


Okey dokey, just spent 6 hours replacing the remaining 4 Roms.. (N0, N1, N2 & N3)

Pretty much a repeat performance of before.. (shaved 2 hours off the time-tho)
(256 finger-burns & counting..)

Used masking tape as there wasn't much clearance between the chips being removed and the surrounding components.

Also had one dead EPROM in the batch.. but for $7 for 10 second-hand on eBay, it's all good.
(Getting a UV Eraser box soon.)

Once the ROMs were installed, all the game sprites have all appeared on screen & it's looking positive. :)

The backgrounds are still a little broken, but I'm assuming the tracks that are to be cut 'n' patched and the extra logic is Rom addressing related.. and should sort that out.

Hmm, in addition, the back-ground tile layer seems to be missing.. We'll have to see if that comes online once the extra SRAM chip is fitted.

Here's a video of the sprites in action:

Okay.. on to the SRAM & TTL logic chips... Er.. well, maybe not tonight. The frikin' cat's stole my chair.